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Terrie Sullivan - Office Administrator 

I have served in the church office

since March 2006.


Though originally from Ohio,

I have spent most of my life

here in Arizona.

I am a graduate of Grand Canyon

University and attended

Southwestern Baptist Theological

Seminary in Fort Worth.

In addition to my work here at Corona I also serve as the Executive Director of Arizona Woman’s Missionary Union.


Missions is my passion. I love teaching missions to people of all ages. I especially enjoy mission studies where I learn about a specific country and the people.


I have been on a couple of overseas mission trips - Panama and St. Lucia; my first memories of church as a preschooler were in Orleans, France, where my family was involved in the mission work as volunteers. There is something special about going into a neighborhood or park, sitting under a tree with a guitar, singing the songs of Jesus, and then sharing a story from the scriptures.


"For leisure time I enjoy reading, crafting, and music.  I love sitting down with a cup of gourmet coffee or tea and reading a historical novel. Creating gifts and cards to share with people I love brings me great joy.


My music tastes are eclectic. I like listening to Beethoven and Bach, singing along with George Beverly Shea, and singing gospel hymns and praise and worship songs that span the generations.